Nov 162011

I just wanted to post a couple screenshots of my first successful compile of Android v4.0.1 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) running in VirtualBox. :) Enjoy!

Some of the apps found in ICS

A view of the settings in ICS.

It took me a while to get it all working, but after some diligence I was given a working copy of Ice Cream Sandwich running in VirtualBox on my computer. Now to see if I can get this working on my HTC Evo 4G! :)

Update: Ahhh, what the hell…

Here’s the Virtual Machine zipped up. Lock screen pin is ‘1111’.  REPOSTED!  The link used to be on MegaUpload, now I’m using  Let me know of problems please.

It has the configuration and the VirtualBox HD image so you can pull it up on your own computer. PLEASE DON’T CONTACT ME FOR SUPPORT ON THIS. ANY SUPPORT QUESTIONS WILL LIKELY BE IGNORED. If you use it, leave a comment. Please see licensing information on

  • Nickpat

    going to try it once i get home

  • Nickpat

    I don’t mind being the first pre-alpha tester for evo port! =)

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  • Destr4ct

    Mouse not working. Only can navigate with the keyboard.

    • Gregory Strike

      Yeah, this is a pure source build.  No changes.  Since the mouse isn’t natively supported, it’s not going to work here.

  • Ics

    Any chance you can repost?

    • Gregory Strike

      Yeah,  I’ll repost it tonight when I’m off work.

    • Gregory Strike

      REPOSTED! It’s on SendSpace now, so please let me know of any problems. I’ve never used their service before.

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  • Brendan Quinn

    What OS settings?

  • Cruizrisner

    will this be able to connect to the internet with virtualbox ?