A couple month’s ago, when snow was still on the ground, Jessica was looking in a gardening magazine and saw a potting bench. She immediately decided she wanted one for herself at home. She gave me the idea and instead of buying one I decided to try my hands again at a little woodworking. With the help of a friend, we made her a potting bench.

Jessica wanted to use old barn wood to give it that old rustic look. We searched on Craigslist for barn wood and finally found someone with some bad luck… Their barn had blown down in a wind storm! YES! er… I mean that’s too bad. We drove a little North and found the barn to be in a dry heap of rubble. The owner of the barn said that it is 120 years old! It’s so cool to think that this old wood is being put back to use! This has made a great edition to her potting shed.

The potting bench made from 120 year old barn wood. Jessica enjoying her first day with her potting bench.

Gregory Strike

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