All right my faithful readers, Today Google has officially announced the beta release of Google+… The +1 buttons now make sense! It’s currently running in “invite only” mode so if anyone has a Google+ Invite feel free to hook me up! :)

One of the major focuses of Google’s new social networking is security… In real life people have some sort of privacy. We all have the ability to close the blinds on our house if we want. That way even if we’ve given someone our home address, they aren’t allowed to peer in.

Another nice feature is the ability to have what Google has dubbed, “Hangouts”. This is basically a High Def video chat room where friends can come and go as they please. I think this feature could end up being fairly useful but I HOPE this doesn’t mean people will eventually stop hanging out at coffee shops, restaurants, or the arcade… Oh wait, does anyone hang out at arcades anymore? No, they all cost $2.00 to play now…

There are plenty of other nice features they are adding, check out the link above from Google’s official blog. Quite honestly, I’m hoping it replaces Facebook. Hopefully, everyone that lives, eats, and breathes Facebook will stay there so I’m not bombarded with pointless updates… Or better yet, I’ll bet you Google+ will give you more options to filter most of it out.

So, if you’ve got any Google Plus invites sitting around would you mind hooking me up? Shoot me a message from my Contact page. I’ll remove this line once I get one, so if you’re reading this, I’m still waiting my faithful readers! :) Plus, as soon as I get some I’ll hook up some of my comment-ers! Double :)

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