Group Policy VBScript to Replace, Add, Remove and Manage User Printer Queues

Today I’m sharing a script I wrote that helps Windows Administrators manage users’ printer queues. If you haven’t already, please check out my post PowerShell Script to Audit Printer Queue Usage post. This little baby will take a look at a Printer Server’s event log and give you a CSV file showing which printer queues are actually being utilized by users. It may help you to make some decisions when it comes to your printer queues.

Apple LCD Monitors quickly Converted to Android Monitors CHEAP

I acquired some pretty nice monitors from another department the other day. The only thing wrong with them was the nasty looking logo some company had placed on them! I believe the company also makes something call the iPhone? I don’t know, never heard of it. Anyway I slapped the good ol’ Android logo on there to make it look a lot better! :) Why someone would put a half-eaten apple on such great hardware is beyond me! :)

The EZTraitor ( Saga Continues!

There’s a story to all this. If you haven’t read the original post, please read it here

Wireless Thermometer Hacking for Home Brew Beer!

When hacking and beer can come together into one single moment, you know you’re having a good day!

How to Cancel an Account or NOT

Below is a chat log between myself and !Helpful, an Account Manager (customer service really). To censor this person’s name I have replaced it with something a little more descriptive (!Helpful). Those non-coder types should know that the bang (!) is geek speak for “NOT”!