It’s been a long time since the Green Bay Packers have been in the Super Bowl! About thirteen years too long! Well, their time has come again and the Green Bay Packers are going back for their chance at the biggest title in the NFL… World Champions!

The fans have taken notice and last night’s game is definitely one for the history books as one of the NFL’s biggest rivalries battled it out for their spot in the Super Bowl! Below is a four minute video showing just a glimpse of the “Green Bay Packers are Going to The Super Bowl” celebration at Slider’s in Menasha, WI. The celebration continued for much longer after the video ends but shows the excitement and support that the Packers fan have for their team.

Before the game, to show their support, some fans had even painted their snowbanks green and gold! For those of you in the South, snowbanks are NOT normally green and gold! :) They are usually a mixture of white, mud, litter and other things you wouldn’t want on your dinner table.

Congrats Pack! I can’t wait to cheer you on come Super Bowl Sunday!

Gregory Strike

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