Back in October 2010 Texas Instruments ran a special on a Stellaris Family Development Kit (Basically a small robot kit with lots of goodies). The special was almost too good to be true and it was quickly posted on! Thousands of Hack a Day users, including myself, hammered the TI servers and jumped at the opportunity to snatch one up. The only problem is, it was too good to be true! Or it least it was SUPPOSED to be too good to be true.

TI had actually meant for the deal to be only available for people that attended one of their conferences. Once TI realized the word was out they responded by quickly putting a notice on their website indicating that it’s only available to conference attendees. Unfortunately, by that time, thousands were already sold at this heavily discounted rate. Many were worried that they wouldn’t get their eval kit but TI assured us that orders placed before the notice was posted on their site would still be fulfilled at the discounted price! I was one of the lucky ones.

The shipping date kept getting pushed back and communication from TI was scarce. I was patient, unlike many commenters :), and waited. I had faith that TI would come through. Today they did and my faith was not in vain.

The box had arrived!
The packaging was fine. Look at all that protective wrap for only $25! Now that's a steal!
The actual product box.
Wait?! What?! Documentation PLUS SOFTWARE? I didn't think we were getting software with this!!!
Crap! No software! :)
Cool! Some motors, batteries (ugh, cheap ones!), USB. This could be fun.
The board is nicely packed into it's box.
Here's the top side of the board.
And finally the bottom side of the board.

I always have a difficult time focusing on my personal projects. It’s amazing I was ever able to finish my telescope! I have another project underway and now I have this brand new shiny object in my house lurking in the corner just waiting to be played with! This can’t be good.

So for those that may still be waiting on your eval board be sure to check your order on TI’s site. If the order status says “in process” or similar rest assured that you will get it!

Gregory Strike

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