There’s a story to all this. If you haven’t read the original post, please read it here

Oh, it’s so frustrating! I should have posted an update to this weeks ago! I still have not received an e-mail from EZTrader confirming my account’s deletion or not.

EZTrader needs to get their act together and learn some customer service! I’m very pissed off. I was promised no more phone calls! Mr. David Campbell (the first commenter on the original post & EZTrader Head Account Manager) had a very professional response and apology to my article… I was statisfied and the story was over! I even considered removing the article. However, not shortly after he posted the comment I received yet ANOTHER PHONE CALL FROM EZTRADER ABOUT ONE OF THEIR PROMOTIONS FROM DAVID HIMSELF! Yup, David was asking me to deposit more money into my account!

This assures me of many things:

  1. I still have an active account.

  2. EZTrader hates customer service!

  3. EZTrader hates their customer’s privacy.


EZTrader, please DELETE MY ACCOUNT! If you do, I will remove this post!1 Ugh. I hope some of you prospective EZTrader customers read this.


1 Don’t count on it!

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