Below is a chat log between myself and !Helpful, an Account Manager (customer service really). To censor this person’s name I have replaced it with something a little more descriptive (!Helpful). Those non-coder types should know that the bang (!) is geek speak for “NOT”!

Below is a chat log where I simply want to DELETE my account but was unable to get a straight forward answer as to whether or not this is possible. Deactivating is good, but I want the account DELETED! I don’t need yet another account that I don’t use sitting out there waiting to be hacked and have my personal information exposed.

Perhaps this is EZTrader company policy. Or perhaps this person simply just doesn’t have the access required to delete the account. That’s fine, and in that case it’s not the reps fault, but why not come right out and tell me! Tell me, I’m sorry, “we don’t delete accounts”. DON’T GIVE ME RUN-AROUND ANSWERS! Answers like, “once chat is over it will happen” or “sure, i will note your account” I’m sorry, what does that even mean? Did this person even read what I was typing? What I WANT to hear is “I’m sorry, I don’t have the capability to delete an account. My supervisor will have to do that”.

Before I created an account with this company, I was hesitant. I just wasn’t sure if this was a scam or not. I did some research (google EZTrader Scam) and I found some people with similar concerns but nothing solid at the time. So, I created the account. I never used it or deposited any money. I would’ve completely forgot about the account except for the fact that a “account manager” would call me at least once a month to tell me of a special trading promotion asking me to deposit more money into my account. No, thank you!

Anyway, here’s the chat log. I’m usually a really polite person but this person rubbed me the wrong way and I felt like I was being deceived.

Please wait for an account manager to respond. There are currently number 1 in line to speak with an account manager. Thank you for waiting. Remember, You can always call us at 1-877-746-1365 or get an instant call back by clicking on the chat "Close" link.

Welcome! My name is !Helpful Account Manager, an EZTrader account manager. How can i help you?
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK149012352638X

!Helpful Account Manager: hi
Gregory Strike: Hi !Helpful.
Gregory Strike: I'm cleaning up some accounts I don't use online and would like to cancel my account.
Gregory Strike: Can't find a way to online.
!Helpful Account Manager: one moment please
!Helpful Account Manager: ok, i can cancel your account, but since you have never used it, would you like to keep it open just in case you do?
Gregory Strike: No, thank you. I don't see me using it.
!Helpful Account Manager: no problem
!Helpful Account Manager: ok, its deactivated
Gregory Strike: Thank you. Do you know if I should expect anymore phone calls? I would also prefer not to get them. Anyway to actually delete vs. deactivate?
!Helpful Account Manager: no problems, no phone calls
Gregory Strike: Can you clarify whether it's deleted or deactivated? I'd like to delete it.
!Helpful Account Manager: once chat is over it will happen since i need to document this chat.
Gregory Strike: The deletion?
!Helpful Account Manager: deactivation
!Helpful Account Manager: you will not receive phone calls
!Helpful Account Manager: or emails
Gregory Strike: Ok, That's great. But I would still like the account deleted.
!Helpful Account Manager: sure, i will note your account with this chat
!Helpful Account Manager: thank you for contacting us
!Helpful Account Manager: anything else i can do?
Gregory Strike: What does "note" mean?
Gregory Strike: Yes, delete the account.
!Helpful Account Manager: means our chat will be noted
Gregory Strike: How does that help me? Can the account please be deleted? I don't want it sitting out there in a deactivated status.
!Helpful Account Manager: ok, no problem, anything else?
Gregory Strike: Somehow, I just don't believe you. Here's a yes or no question, "Can my account be deleted." Please respond with Yes or No.
!Helpful Account Manager: your account will be deactivated, meaning it will be in a no use mode. once my supervisor comes in tomorrow morning i will ask her to delete your account.
Gregory Strike: That would be great. Can I get an e-mail tomorrow with a "Yes, it was deleted." or a "No, we won't delete it"?
!Helpful Account Manager: sure
Gregory Strike: Thank you.
!Helpful Account Manager: you welcome

Thank you for your chat. If we can be of further service, please do not hesitate to contact us again at any time. Remember, our account managers are also available by phone during business hours using the phone number on the top of your screen.

Will the e-mail actually arrive? I’ll let you know!

Please see the update located here.

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