I am always impressed with how much data there actually is stored in Wolfram|Alpha’s data banks. Sometimes it’s actually a little creepy.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Wolfram|Alpha. It’s what they call a computational knowledge engine… Not sure what that is? Consider this. Google is really good at, as with many other things, searching web pages. Where Wolfram|Alpha is good at math, statistics, language… you name it!

Try this once, go to Wolfram|Alpha and type in your home City, State. You may be surprised to find the amount of data it knows about.

Try some other things, like an algebra equation “y=sin(x)”. Just like below, it’ll graph it out!

But the real reason I’m posting this is because it also appears like the guys at Wolfram|Alpha may have a sense of humor as well! I submitted the query, “Who’s Your Daddy?” only to find that it actually gave me a response! It took my query and interpreted it as “Who Created You?”.

Head on over to Wolfram Alpha now and see what kinds of things you can look up!
Wolfram Alpha team, seriously, great job on the engine! I’ve already purchased the Android app. Keep up the great work and don’t lose your sense of humor!

Gregory Strike

Husband, father, IT dude & blogger wrapped up into one good looking package.