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I follow xkcd, the online comic, regularly. I subscribe to the RSS feed and am greeted about three times a week with a new comic when I come into work. I find his stuff hilarious and I enjoy it so much because the comic reflects a lot of the ways I think. For example, xkcd: Turn Signals.

Now, I’d never try to use it as a pickup line… ‘eh maybe I would. But, I have to admit I’ve sat in my car at the traffic lights and watched the frequency patterns. Knowing fair well that I could calculate the frequencies from watching them. LOL! My wife ADORES that geeky stuff in me! <– Read with thick sarcasm.

As usual, He’s done it again. He’s created another comic that resonates with the little geek inside and has now shown just a little bit of what Heaven may be like for people like us!

From xkcd

Well, another xkcd fan saw this posting and decided it was time to bring a little bit of Heaven to Earth. He created yet another Tetris clone. This one entitled, Heaven. Please feel free to play it below. Every once in a while you may feel like you’ve died and gone to Heaven.

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