Custom DIY Replacement 1983 Kawasaki Gauge Inserts

I purchased a 1983 Kawasaki 750 back in May 2010.

PowerShell Script to Pull Remote Troubleshooting Data

A script to pull a bunch of troubleshooting data from a remote computer...

Automating Excel using Scheduled Tasks on Windows 2008 x64

I was recently asked to automate the process of parsing data from our Liebert UPS Administration web pages and dump it to an Excel spreadsheet so we could do some further analysis. We have a Windows 2008 x64 server with Office 2003 installed (for some legacy scripts). I tested this script on Office 2007 as well as Office 2003 and as it turns out this worked out quite well during the development stage. I create my Excel Com Object, open the spreadsheet, and select the worksheet:

VBScript to Uninstall Citrix Clients

A VBScript to uninstall older Citrix clients.

Stop, Start and Query the State of Local and Remote Windows Services with PowerShell

The following functions require you have Administrative privileges the to computers you are working with. These functions query the DisplayName property of the service, not the name. For instance, for the $DisplayName variable you would pass “Print Spooler” instead of “Spooler”.