PowerShell Script to Mount the Latest LeftHand SAN Snapshots

A PowerShell script to mount / unmount the latest LeftHand SAN snapshots of a volume for backup purposes.

PowerShell Script to Build a Custom WinPE v3.0 ISO

This script will build a custom WinPE v3.0 (Windows 7 based) environment and generate a bootable ISO. It gives you the ability to import a custom startup script (Autostart.cmd), custom wallpaper, custom drivers, registry files and custom Program Files to create a WinPE environment that works for you. You no longer have to waste the time trying to remember those pesky WinPE commands. Let the script do it for you!

Quadrifilar Helix Antenna (137 MHz) for NOAA Weather Satellites

A Quadrifilar Helix Antenna for 137 MHz used to receive NOAA Weather Satellites as they pass overhead.

Jessica's Potting Bench

Jessica's Potting Bench made from 120-year old barn wood.

8" f/6 Solid Oak Octagon Reflector Telescope

A custom home-built Dobsonian telescope.