Quadrifilar Helix Antenna (137 MHz) for NOAA Weather Satellites

A Quadrifilar Helix Antenna for 137 MHz used to receive NOAA Weather Satellites as they pass overhead.

Jessica's Potting Bench

Jessica's Potting Bench made from 120-year old barn wood.

8" f/6 Solid Oak Octagon Reflector Telescope

A custom home-built Dobsonian telescope.

Change Drive Letters With PowerShell (and DiskPart)

I wrote this PowerShell function to change drive letters with PowerShell and DiskPart. Other methods posted online utilize the Win32_Volume WMI class which is not available in Windows XP. Using DiskPart makes the function compatible with Windows XP/2003 as well as Vista/2008/7.

WinPE v3.0 and Microsoft iSCSI Initiator

You may also be interested in my PowerShell Script to Build a Custom WinPE v3.0 ISO posting. It makes what can be a difficult process much easier!