Grant Read/Write Permissions using VBScript

I always seem to have some really poorly written applications I’m required to deploy at work. You know, the kind of applications that decide to write their temporary files right to the Program directory INSTEAD OF user writable space. You know, like their profile?! Please don’t judge me. This small little Admin’s voice doesn’t get heard too often when it comes to software selection. I’d much rather work with software companies that follow security standards and don’t give me “The user needs to be an Administrator on the box.” blanket statements.

Google Malware Detection Message

Google announced recently that they noticed some strange patterns of activity during some routine maintenance at one of their datacenters. The patterns were tied to malware infections that sent users through a custom Internet proxy which falsified search results. The pages listed in the results were usually that of other mal-intent in order to further infect a user’s computer.

Reinstalling WSUS 3.0 SP2 - "The Existing Database is Not Compatible..."

A long story short, I came across a need to reinstall Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2. When I uninstalled WSUS I made sure to keep the update files and the SQL Express database in order to reuse them… because I’m smart like that. So this means I did not check any of the three check boxes that were available to me when I uninstalled.

Google+ Hierarchical Circles Proposal

I’ve been on Google+ now for the last couple of days. I must say, I am quite the fan! I love the slick, clean, interface! I am looking forward to when more people can sign up because, unfortunately, they still have invites disabled so it’s only me and a small handful of people… :) It makes for slow “social news” days!

The Science Behind Sex & Pregnancy

My wife, and probably most my faithful readers, know that I love science! Though Jessica doesn’t really understand my fascination with it she’s really supportive and will sometimes entertain some of my crazy ideas.