Reinstalling WSUS 3.0 SP2 - "The Existing Database is Not Compatible..."

A long story short, I came across a need to reinstall Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2. When I uninstalled WSUS I made sure to keep the update files and the SQL Express database in order to reuse them… because I’m smart like that. So this means I did not check any of the three check boxes that were available to me when I uninstalled.

Google+ Hierarchical Circles Proposal

I’ve been on Google+ now for the last couple of days. I must say, I am quite the fan! I love the slick, clean, interface! I am looking forward to when more people can sign up because, unfortunately, they still have invites disabled so it’s only me and a small handful of people… :) It makes for slow “social news” days!

The Science Behind Sex & Pregnancy

My wife, and probably most my faithful readers, know that I love science! Though Jessica doesn’t really understand my fascination with it she’s really supportive and will sometimes entertain some of my crazy ideas.

Looking for Google+ Invites

All right my faithful readers, Today Google has officially announced the beta release of Google+… The +1 buttons now make sense! It’s currently running in “invite only” mode so if anyone has a Google+ Invite feel free to hook me up! :)

Along with Google+ is Google Takeout

Google+ was announced today on a “invite only” basis. So if you have any laying around feel free to shoot me one via my Contact page!