Looking for Google+ Invites

All right my faithful readers, Today Google has officially announced the beta release of Google+… The +1 buttons now make sense! It’s currently running in “invite only” mode so if anyone has a Google+ Invite feel free to hook me up! :)

Along with Google+ is Google Takeout

Google+ was announced today on a “invite only” basis. So if you have any laying around feel free to shoot me one via my Contact page!

Do It Yourself Laser Microscope

This laser microscope is quick, easy and cheap! It would be a great project to do with your children when you need something to do together!

Fermentation - The Golden Step in any Craft Brew

Fermentation is the heart of crafting any home brew whether it’s wine, beer or even root beer. Fermentation is the step where the yeast gets to be in the spotlight and turns all the brewers work into something … well, more exciting!

Wolfram|Alpha Has a Daddy!

I am always impressed with how much data there actually is stored in Wolfram|Alpha’s data banks. Sometimes it’s actually a little creepy.