How to Echo a Computer's IP Adress in a Batch File

This is going to just be a quick post but hopefully there’s enough detail to get you going.

Can't TFTP Boot into WDS with VirtualBox VM

I am using VirtualBox v4.1.16 r78094 on a Windows 7 x64 PC and my VM’s networking configuration is configured in “bridged” mode. As I was working on capturing a Windows 7 image to deploy for my company, I came across a strange issue. My VirtualBox VM was unable to PXE boot into the WDS environment. Other physical machines were not having an issue, just the VirtualBox VMs. When attempting to PXE boot, I would see this error.

How to Remove a Virus or Malware From Your Windows Computer

I would like to start this post out by saying that this post is BY NO MEANS a fix all solution. Every malware (viruses too, but I’ll simply referring to them both as malware) is different. As the malware-software-writing turds get better at creating their malware they are constantly changing how they infect a system. Most of them are pretty easy to remove, but, others can be a real pain depending on the types of defenses the malware has in place. Also, understand that you use this information at your own risk. I am not responsible for any harm you may cause your system. It is important that you understand what you are doing BEFORE you do it. This post is written for people that should have good solid experience with computers, if this is not you, you may want to find someone to help you out.

The "Adobe Flash Player Update Service" Starts Up Every Hour

Even though I have the all updates including background updates disabled via the mms.cfg file, the Adobe Flash Player Update Service starts up every hour. It immediately stops, however, this behavior was unexpected. I am currently running v11.2.202.235.

RSOP & GPResult Both Return "ERROR: Access Denied"

I was trying to run Resultant Set of Policy and would get the following error. This was a Citrix server running on Windows 2003 SP2 (32-bit).