How to Build GIMP 2.8 from Source in Ubuntu 12.04

After many years GIMP 2.8 has finally been officially released! Lots of changes were put into this release and on May 3rd, 2012 we’ve got our official release! Congratulations to everyone involved! Below I’ve published a method for building/compiling GIMP from source in Ubuntu 12.04. I’ve run through this in a 64-bit virtual machine and it worked without any issues. It will likely work using other versions of Ubuntu, I just happen to be using 12.04.

How to Expand/Extend an iSCSI Volume without Rebooting

I was trying to extend an iSCSI volume on one of my SQL servers, but I didn’t want to take any downtime on the databases. The iSCSI volumes I wanted to extend held the databases. This is a quick post, as there’s not much to it and I wanted to make sure I got this out there.

XenServer Host Failed - What Now?

Not too long ago, I had one of my XenServer hosts crash due to a hardware failure. It was not my Pool Master. When a XenServer host crashes the virtual machines running on the failed server can’t be controlled, so we’re unable to tell them to start up on another host. The XenServer pool still considers them running, however, they’re not listed in XenCenter. Hopefully this can help some of you get back up and running a little quicker.

Homemade McDonald's Big Mac Copycat Recipe

For a couple months now I’ve been wanting to tackle recreating the famous McDonald’s Big Mac at home… or as my wife would say, “I’ve had a bee in my bonnet.” The goal here was to come as close as possible to the real thing and then of course enjoy the delicious sandwich with the one I love. The outcome? NAILED IT!

How to Get File Details In Command Prompt / Batch Script

I was working on a batch file last week and I needed to have access to an executable file’s details (specifically, the version). In some situations when a program is installed through Windows Installer you can access a program’s version from the registry, however, in my situation the file simply exists and was not installed.